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生命樹 + 輻射之謎/生機飲食/養生之道 (中英對照)

生命樹 + 輻射之謎/生機飲食/養生之道 (中英對照)



Healing Tree is an extremely interesting and valuable book. It combines good science on the negative consequences of radiation, recommendations about holistic living and good advice on nutritional issues. ... Dr. Lau makes this journey of discovery into the properties and consequences of radiation very accessible to anyone who might not have much background in science.

Healing Tree is a well researched and informative book which I highly recommend.



-Fr. Seán McDonagh, SSC, M.A., Ph.D.


Electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, WiFi, computer, and electronic gadgets can cause Rouleaux or clumping of red blood cells and harmful health effects. See tips in Ch. 1 & 9.

移動電話、無線網絡、電腦、電子產品的電磁波可導 致紅血球凝聚如錢串及傷害我們健康。保護舒緩方法,請參閱第1和9章。


Hong Kong's background radiation

is doubled that of Tokyo and other places!

This book shows ways to protect ourselves from damaging ionizing radiation from radon, nuclear power plants and nuclear weapon testing.

香港的背景輻射高東京一倍怎樣保護自己免受電離輻射(氨氣、核能發電、核武測試等)的傷害? 請參看本書「養生之道」和「生機飲食」部分。


After the 311 Fukushima nuclear disaster, many asked, "Is Japanese food safe?" In fact, contamination is found everywhere. See Ch.5 & 6 for what to look out for, and tips on grocery shopping in Japan.

福島311核災難後,許多人問:「日本食品安全嗎?」 其實,食品摻假污染隨處可見。第6章揭露了要提防的日常食品;另參閱第5章「日本飲食小提示」。


出版日期: 2015年1月29日
分類: 婚姻/家庭

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ISBN : 9789881929532
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