How to use the Bible Diary 2021


Reserve a particular time daily for reading the day's biblical texts and commentary.
Allow some time for reflection and prayer. God speaks to you. Listen with your heart and you will discover and understand God's message.


A simple form of Lectio Divina replaces the regular reflection on the readings of the day on Sundays. See the preceeding page for a guide on how to use theLectio Divina on Sundays.


Make the Bible Diary® very personal to you so that you may have the freedom towrite on it without reservations.


Put into writing all the feelings you experience through the day:feelings of love, fear, guilt, or anger. Write down your reflections and realizations, your resolutions, Little dialogues with yourself; your dreams, wishes, and hopes; your responsesto events and to people.


Be creative and compose your own prayers, verses, sayings and poems.


When you look back and read them all over again, you will begin to see and discover more about yourself. Then your Bible Diary® becomes a dialogue not noly with yourself but with God who always speaks and is present through his Word.

BIBLE DIARY 2021 - Year 1, Cycle B (HC)

Reading And Commentary


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