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Liturgies for Wholeness

Liturgies for Wholeness



What if my current life is preparing me for something I can’t see? Oh God, when I feel overlooked and forgotten, when I ache to be important, redirect my heart to You who remembers me.


When your spirit is restless and you can’t find the words, these modern-day liturgies help you articulate your brokenness to the God who calls you beloved.


The lyrical prayers in Liturgies for Wholeness name our longings—the ache for physical rest, the grief over something we never had, the desire for healing in a relationship—even as they call us to notice the blessing of washing our face and watching nightfall and sink deep into an awareness of God’s presence.


Divided into eight sections—including Mind, Senses, Body, Home, and Community—these liturgies can be read communally or individually to bring you into greater intimacy with God. Each prayer includes related Scripture references to offer you further opportunity for meditation and reflection.


With each liturgy in Liturgies for Wholeness, may you sense God’s deep desire for you and may you delight in the only One who can make you whole.


Author: Audrey Elledge, Elizabeth Moore
Publisher: WaterBrook

Pages: 208

Publication Date: 2022

ISBN: 9780593442821

No. 2082200289

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