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Put Out Into the Deep

Put Out Into the Deep



This book is a call to action.


Each of us, baptized in Christ, has a mission to bring others into the loving fold of the Church.


Stephen Gabriel challenges us to take this call seriously. To bravely be Christ's modern apostles. To spread the Gospel through our intentional actions and words.


He draws on the teachings of the Catholic Church, the guidance of the saints, and deeply personal anecdotes of our contemporaries who have made an impact on the lives of others and who give us concrete examples of how we can make evangelization a daily practice. He reminds us that our union with Christ through prayer and the sacraments is the essential fuel to our apostolic fervor.


This book has been praised as a “highly recommended” “must-read” that brings “great clarity and urgency” to lay apostolic endeavors through “inspiring and beautifully told personal stories.


Author: Stephen Gabriel
Publisher: Scepter

Pages: 104

Publication Date: 2023

ISBN: 9781594174902

No. 2082200194

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