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Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life

Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life


Description :  Marriage and family life lived according to God's plan can change lives and change the world! Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life explores the Scriptural basis for the Catholic understanding of marriage. Join Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Mike Aquilina, and ten other well-known Catholic authors, who along with their spouses, present solid Biblical testimony to the joys, struggles, and sanctity found in the sacrament of Marriage. Essays include "The World as Wedding," "Lessons Learned at Nazareth," and "Reflections on Pope Benedict XVI's First Encyclical." From the Foreword by Bishop R. Daniel Conlon of the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio: The nursery rhyme concludes that Humpty Dumpty couldn't be put together again. Some people today think that marriage faces the same situation¦¦.Fortunately, many people are willing to keep up the good fightand believe it is winnable, indeed, must be won. Among them are the contributors to Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life. The volume is replete with solid Catholic theology and idealism. . . . While reaffirming the natural law, the authors also sketch out the unique qualities of Christian, sacramental marriage. They cite frequently the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and recent popes, especially John Paul II. . . . Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life is not all theology, however. In fact, it is filled with the concrete experiences of married couples who strive to live out their vocation day by day with God's help. Many of their examples of marriage and family life are touchingand very real. Authors: Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Curtis and Stacy Mitch, Regis and Libbie Flaherty, Mike and Gwen Sullivan, Leon and Maureen Suprenant, Stephen and Rachel Pimentel, Edward and Elizabeth Sri, Mei-Ling and Richard White, Curtis and Michaelann Martin, Terri and Mike Aquilina, and Jeff and Emily Cavins. Foreword by Bishop R. Daniel Conlon. About the Catholic for a Reason Series: This benchmark series brings together the expert knowledge and personal insight of today's top Catholic apologists on topics at the heart of the Catholic faith. Whether you're a non-Catholic who wants to learn about the Church's teaching, or a Catholic who wants to become a more articulate defender of the faith, the Catholic for a Reason series is for you.


Author :  Edited by Scott Hahn & Regis Flaherty

Publisher : Emmaus Road Publishing

Publication date : 1 Apr 2007

Pages : 244

ISBN : 9781941447437

No. 2772201200

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