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鼎 / Tripod (197)— 中國城市化與牧靈回應

鼎 / Tripod (197)— 中國城市化與牧靈回應


/ Urbanization and Pastoral Responses in China





Due to historical development, the Catholic communities in China have been concentrated in the rural areas in the past.  However, with the rural-urban migration, many rural church members have moved to the cities for work or study.  In the view of this, the church also needs to change its pastoral strategy in order to meet new challenges.  This is a concrete response to the new sign of the times.  Moreover, the pandemic of the coronavirus also urges the Church to develop new pastoral strategies.  In this issue of Tripod, we invited several pastors and scholars to examine the phenomenon of urbanization in China.  They also share their theological reflections and pastoral responses of the Church.






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