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101 Surprising Facts about Mary

101 Surprising Facts about Mary




She is history's most famous woman, with more schools, churches, and people named for her than any other. She has inspired countless pieces of art and literature, as well as the construction of some of the biggest churches in the world. Yet the poets also call her "the woman wrapped in silence." What lies between these two extremes? Unpack the mystery that is the Mother of God, a woman who barely speaks in scripture and yet is venerated by millions. In this latest installment of TAN Book's 101 Surprising Facts series, you'll discover: The term "full of grace" has profound theological implicationsA miraculous snowfall during a sweltering Roman summer led to the construction of a prominent Marian landmark One hymn to the Blessed Virgin forbids sitting while it is being sungMany different kinds of flowers take their name from Mary Dominicans hang rosaries from their hips to emulate medieval soldiers who donned swords in the same place The Sistine Chapel is dedicated to the Immaculate ConceptionA vision of Mary consoled the Irish in the aftermath of the great potato famineThe Mississippi River and the city of Los Angeles had names that were once tied to Our Lady...and more! This swift walk through history will uncover the Church's rich Marian treasury and draw you closer to your spiritual mother, so that she can draw you closer to her Son.


Author: David Meconi

Publisher: Tan Books

Pages: 120

Publication Date: 10 Aug 2020

ISBN : 9781505116144

No. 26623 00111

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