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A Year with the Bible : 365 Daily Reflections

A Year with the Bible : 365 Daily Reflections


Description : A Year with the Bible: 365 Daily Reflections is a commentary on Sacred Scripture written by renowned biblical scholar Dom Henry Wansbrough, who has dedicated his life to studying the word of God. He has lectured all over the world, England, Europe, America, Australia, Africa.


The 365 commentaries on selected bible passages give the reader a greater understanding of the love of God revealed in the bible. Each commentary is a reflection to deepen the understanding of the word of God.


For those who wish to read the entire bible in a year, there is a reading plan to take you chronologically through the bible.
Guided by Dom Henry, this is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand the bible better.


Author: OSB Dom Henry Wansbrough

Publisher : Catholic Truth Society(UK)

Pages : 372

ISBN : 9781784696184

No. 2082290149

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