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Before Austen Comes Aesop

Before Austen Comes Aesop




This unique work presents an in-depth examination of the stories and poetry that have made the most profound impact on the lives of children throughout Western history--the "Children's Great Books." This is a research based list of the crème de la crème of children's literature.


In this rare, multi-level resource, parents learn how to help their children experience these timeless classics through three "adventures." Parents seeking a relaxed but meaningful approach to the Children's Great Books can choose between the leisurely adventure and book club(ish) adventure. They are designed to promote a love of reading and an appreciation of good books through cozy hours of solitude or lively discussion. The scholarly adventure is designed for home-school parents and other literature educators. It offers a sequential method for studying literature using fundamental principles common to most literature programs.


Parents can choose from both an elementary method and a secondary method, and use it in place of structured, guided programs year after year. A variety of appendices can be used as supplemental aids.


Author: Cheri Blomquist

Publisher: Ignatius Press

Pages: 230

Publication Date: 15 Mar 2021

ISBN : 9781621644309

No. 22422 00030

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