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Author : R. SCOTT HURD


Description:This book teaches all about forgiveness: what forgiveness is and what it isn't; how to forgive and why. It addresses questions that Catholics grapple with today more than ever before: forgiving the Church; working with anger; forgiving when we can't reconcile; forgiving and not condoning behavior; and how forgiveness doesn't mean we forget, but helps us remember differently.


Filled with many vignettes of contemporary transgressions that have been transformed through acts of forgiveness-including situations of domestic violence, the Rwandan genocide, and the attacks of September 11, 2001-author Scott Hurd insightfully includes a chapter on Forgiving the Church, which many believers will find helpful as we continue to struggle with the revelations of sexual abuse by clergy and its cover-up.


Hurd's Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach faithfully reveals the many misunderstood dimensions of forgiveness: it's not something to be earned, forced, or deadline-driven. Forgiving is a decision, a process, and often a lifelong journey.


Publisher : Pauline Books & Media
ISBN: 9780819826916
No. 2662700110

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