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Gaming and the Heroic Life - A Quest for Holiness in the Virtual World

Gaming and the Heroic Life - A Quest for Holiness in the Virtual World



Video games fuel a fundamental human drive for adventure—like the epic quest to slay zombies, a solo voyage to rescue the princess, or setting off with a clan to defeat the final boss.


The desire to be a hero in your journey is something Bobby Angel can relate to. A lifelong gamer, he was the cohost of the God and Gaming series on YouTube and often appears as a guest on Bearded Blevins’s Around the Halo on Twitch. In Gaming and the Heroic Life, Bobby explains that you don’t have to just play the role of hero in a game—you can actually pursue a heroic life by the way you engage the virtual world.


Gaming and the Heroic Life is a map to becoming not only a better gamer but also a better person—one who has a purpose and knows where they fit into the world.


The book contains three levels:

- Level One explores why people love games and what games have to do with God.

- Level Two examines how the Easter eggs of truth, beauty, and goodness in games impact players in much the same way that they impact your relationship with God.

- Level Three demonstrates how gaming can propel players AFK (away from keyboard) to find purpose and meaning in service to others.


Bobby shows where video games intersect with a life of faith in God—how games echo with our call to holiness and how we can respond to that call in both the virtual and real worlds.


Author: Bobby Angel
Publisher: Ave Maria Press

Pages: 128

Publication date: 2023

ISBN: 9781646802494

No. 2192440000

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