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Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Third Edition)

Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Third Edition)



The celebration of the Eucharist is the heart of the Church. Participating in this sacrament enables the Catholic faithful to encounter the presence, love, and mercy of Christ. Because this sacrament is so important, the Church provides the option for lay ministers to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ when there is not enough priests and deacons available to do so; Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are also deputed for ministry at Mass and for the needs of the sick, the homebound, and the dying.


This third edition has been updated with enhanced content and features. As part of the Liturgical Ministry Series®, this book is grounded in Church doctrine and liturgical practice and follows a format that provides newly formed and experienced ministers with basic skills and theological insights in order to perform their ministry well and in a Christ-like manner. This resource includes:


- Theological and historical reflections on the liturgy and the ministry

- Practical skill-building and advice for serving in this role

- Ways to deepen your spirituality and call to discipleship

- Answers to frequently asked questions

- Recommended resources

- A glossary

- Questions for discussion and reflection


Author: Corinna Laughlin, Kenneth A. Riley, Paul Turner
Publisher: Liturgy Training

Pages: 80

Publication Date: 2021

ISBN: 9781616715748

No. 2202200013

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