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Guide for Ushers, Greeters, and Ministers of Hospitality (Second Edition)

Guide for Ushers, Greeters, and Ministers of Hospitality (Second Edition)



Ushers and greeters—ministers of hospitality—are vital to parishes so they need strong formation to comfortably and graciously respond to the needs of everyone who comes through the doors of your church. Solid training helps them become models of hospitality for the whole parish. This guide helps you train new and returning ministers of hospitality by providing knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are practical, theologically and liturgically-informed, and spiritually inspiring.


With its new title, design, and added content, this revised edition is more helpful than ever. To Fr. Paul Turner’s foundational chapters on the meaning and history of the ministry and on the ministry’s spiritual dimensions, a brief chapter on the liturgy by liturgist Corinna Laughlin has been added. To Karie Ferrell’s practical and wise advice on the many detailed duties of the ministry, psychiatrist and spiritual director Thomas Welch has contributed some additional perspectives. Updates to frequently asked questions, the annotated list of recommended resources, and the glossary have added yet more value to the book, and questions for reflection and discussion continue to accompany each chapter.


Let this guide help you open wide the doors of your church so that it can be, as Pope Francis has called for, a spiritual field hospital for our needy world.


This guide includes:

- Theological and historical reflections on the liturgy and the ministry

- Practical skill-building and advice for serving in this role

- Ways to deepen your spirituality and call to discipleship
- Answers to frequently asked questions

- Recommended resources

- A glossary

- Questions for discussion and reflection


Author: Karie Ferrell, Corinna Laughlin, Paul Turner, Thomas P. Welch
Publisher: Liturgy Training

Pages: 64

Publication Date: 2021

ISBN: 9781616715915

No. 2202200025

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