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How the Church has Changed the World, Volume 4

How the Church has Changed the World, Volume 4



24 essays originally published by Magnificat (January 2020–December 2021) that will give you a new appreciation for the Church and her mission in the world.


Did you know...


- That a woman led the search for the true cross?

- That a young girl survived the Nazis to champion life as a doctor?

- That two priests who demanded ethical treatment of natives in Spanish colonies used radically different methods?

- That the Church elevated the mosaic to an art form that expresses God’s majesty?

- And much more…


Professor Esolen’s engaging style is as captivating as it is eye-opening.


Author: Anthony Esolen

Publisher: Ignatius Press

Pages: 176

Publication date: 2023

ISBN: 9781639670512

No. 2082200247

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