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Katharine Drexel - Blessed Are The Meek

Katharine Drexel - Blessed Are The Meek



Sometimes, it is hard to be generous and unselfish. Saint Katharine Drexel shows us how to treat others with respect and charity. Despite a wealthy background, she wasn’t greedy. Saint Katharine spent her life giving generously to the poor through her missionary work in the United States. Her life teaches us that money doesn’t always bring happiness, but loving others and Jesus can!


Barbara Yoffie shares the story of Katharine Drexel, a Catholic heiress, philanthropist, religious sister and educator. She was beatified in 1988 after multiple confirmed miracles were attributed to her, a young boy and girls deafness was cured after being touched by items belonging to Drexel. Illustrated by Chris Sharp.


Author: Barbara Yoffie

Illustrator: Chris Sharp

Publisher: Liguori Publications

Pages: 32

Publication date: 2024

ISBN: 9780764828652

No. 2042480099

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