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King of the Shattered Glass

King of the Shattered Glass


Description : Susan Joy Bellavance's captivating story about an orphan, Marguerite, who worked in the King's kitchen . . . now in hardcover.When Marguerite repeatedly breaks the King's precious glass, those around her tell her to bury the glass and hide the evidence. But Marguerite knows what she must do--she brings the broken shards to the King, explains what happened, and says she is sorry.This beautifully illustrated story is a tale of courage, honesty, and bravery. More than that, what Marguerite receives from the King is what we all experience when we go to the Lord in Confession . . . His loving mercy!


Author : Susan Joy Bellavance

Publisher : Marian Press

Publication date : June 2017

Pages : 40

ISBN : 9781505116519

No. 2042430019

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