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Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary

Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary



Anyone called upon to read from the Lectionary at Mass will appreciate LTP’s Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary. Like the first edition, it includes words from the full Lectionary for Mass-- Sundays, weekdays, ritual, and votive Masses. But LTP has added to this second edition the names of recently canonized saints for the United States and Canada and additional words suggested by readers. The easy-to-understand pronunciation aids have been updated. This resource will enrich anyone who reads, studies, and prays the Scriptures privately, but it will be especially helpful to liturgical ministers who proclaim the Word in the liturgy: readers, deacons, priests, and masters of ceremony. Knowing how to pronounce the words gives readers the confidence and freedom to be fully present to their ministries—to be a clear channel for God’s Word to the assembly. Although readers who proclaim at Sunday Masses are usually assigned far ahead and expected to prepare their proclamations, weekday readers sometimes have less time to prepare. To make things more challenging, weekday readings often include difficult place names and personal names. Providing a copy of Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary in the sacristy could be a great service to weekday readers—and to everyone else. Those who lead Bible study groups in parishes would also find this guide invaluable. Anyone who loves to read and discuss Scripture will want a copy handy at home.


Author: Various authors
Publisher: Liturgy Training

Pages: 80

Publication Date: 2017

ISBN: 9781616713744

No. 2202217088

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