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St. Callistus Caravario lived a short, and yet colourful, life.  How could it be so?  It could be so only because, as a young man, Callistus decided to love God with all his heart and saw becoming a missionary of Jesus’ Gospel as the ideal of his life.  Once he had so decided, he pursued relentlessly his ideal, making it become true in all its fullness.  In what appeared to be a very simple life, Callistus cultivated holiness to an extraordinary degree, helping the young people of China to know the Lord.  He and his Bishop Louis Versiglia became the first Salesian martyrs and the first Salesians of Don Bosco to be proclaimed Saints.


St. Callistus Caravario shows us that the path to sanctity is not difficult to find.  We have only to love God and man single-mindedly.  The good Lord himself will lead us on our way step by step.  I pray that the Lord help us imitate the single-mindedness of St. Callistus Caravario: like him let us steadfastly walk the path of sanctity.


Fr. Lanfranco M. Fedrigotti


Author: Don Bosco Publishing Services – Editorial Team

Publisher: Vox Amica Press

Pages: 74

Publication Date: 2020.11

ISBN: 9789887998464

No. 2042480049

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