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St. Francis in San Francisco

St. Francis in San Francisco


Description : The essential goodness of creation


What if everyone's favorite saint were to step out of the world of history and legend, break free from his statue-like pose at the edge of the birdbath, and visit modern-day San Francisco? Why, he'd have an adventure, of course! When St. Francis comes to visit, there to greet him are Johnny and his dog, Sunpatch, who become the saint's personal tour guides through the city named after him. St. Francis blesses the animals of Golden Gate Park, visits landmarks, and even rides the famous cable cars. Along the way, he embraces everyone in that vibrant multicultural city as brothers and sisters with the same loving Father.

This contemporary approach to Francis makes him fresh and meaningful to today's readers. The book celebrates all of creation's diversity as part of the same family and shows how Francis approached creation with a deep spirit of joy. Imbued with Franciscan spirituality throughout, the book also gently introduces the idea that Jesus' incarnation gives value to all humans, animals, and the entire created world.

Illustrated in a bright and cheerful palette, this is perfect reading for all children aged four to eight, animal lovers of all ages, Franciscans and lay Franciscans, devotees of Francis, parents and grandparents, grade school teachers, catechists, school and public libraries, veterinarians, gift buyers, and anyone who's ever lived in, visited, or wanted to see San Francisco.


Author : Jack Wintz

Publisher : Paulist Press

Publication date : April 2001

Pages : 32

ISBN : 9780809166848

No. 2042480093

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