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STATIONS OF STRENGTH - Praying the Stations of the cross

STATIONS OF STRENGTH - Praying the Stations of the cross



God walks with us. This is a compelling mystery: that our Creator desires to participate in creation. God originally makes us in the divine image, then remakes divinity into the shape and limitations of a person. How can this be? Why does Eternity choose mortality, and Infinity take on the aching confines of time and place?

Only love would make this devastating choice. Only love has the courage to embrace the beloved's suffering-and make it personal.

God enters the human story. This is good news! Gospels may seem to be accounts of the life of Jesus, though a large portion of each one concerns the death of Jesus. One-fourth to one-third of each gospel is consumed by the Passion. Yet this fact doesn't make the gospel a tale of tragedy. Rather, the Passion focuses us on a wonderful truth: that God is one with us all the way. Misunderstanding jealousy, and betrayal,after all,are part of our story too. Weakness, suffering, and death are inescapable burdens we face. If God lives in flesh, really and truly,then God must endure what we endure. This is what love does. So God walks with us. All the way.

We walk the way of the cross knowing that Jesus takes up our cross first. Jesus takes up our pain, however the misery manifests in us. Don't be afraid. We're never alone on the way of suffering.


Author: Alice Camille

Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications

Pages: 32

Publication Date: 2021

ISBN : 9781627856751

No. 2342200044

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