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Sunday Missal 2023-2024

Sunday Missal 2023-2024



The 2023-2024 Living with Christ Sunday Missal is the resource that helps Catholics prepare for and celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation of the year. 


This inspirational Sunday Missal includes all Sunday readings and Holy Days of Obligation for Year B (U.S. Lectionary), including the Order of Mass and Sunday prayers and blessings, spiritual reflections on the readings, and much more! With an easy-to-follow format, the missal also features plenty of additional content such as a pronunciation guide for Biblical words, pages and pages of prayers, and tips for better understanding the Lectionary.


Let this spiritual resource guide you through the Liturgical year and open up the Scriptures for you, strengthening your faith life all along the way. The Living with Christ Sunday Missals help connect individuals and families to the parish’s most important celebrations and enrich their participation in the Mass. Maintain your involvement in the Mass by getting your own copy of the Living with Christ Sunday Missal! If you cannot come to Mass, the Living with Christ Sunday Missal is also a great way to maintain your connection with the parish and follow live-stream liturgies.


This Sunday Missal is the ideal gift for parish staff, volunteers, family and friends!


Publisher: Living with Christ

Pages: 616

Publication Date: 2023

ISBN: 9781627857635

No. 2662100070

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