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The Bible - Illustrated and Explained for Children

The Bible - Illustrated and Explained for Children



The simple texts of this engaging Bible convey the beauty and richness of Scripture in a way that will appeal to young readers of all levels.


Vivid illustrations, rich in color and detail, bring to life the great people, places, and events present in God’s word, while historical and cultural insights, literary details, and amusing anecdotes add meaning and context.


From the Creation to the early days of the Church, these stories of God's power, love, and mercy will inspire children of any age.


Author: Karine-Marie Amiot, Cristophe Raimbault

Illustrator: Naomikado
Publisher: Magnificat-Ignatius

Pages: 272

Publication date: 2023

ISBN: 9781621646464

No. 2042490059

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