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The Companion Book of Catholic Days

The Companion Book of Catholic Days


— A Guide to Feasts, Saints, Holy Days, and Seasons



This beautiful book will bring the rich traditions of the Catholic Church's liturgical year into your home and your heart. You'll find each month and season of the liturgical year is brimming with possibilities--feasts to be celebrated, litanies to discover, and saints to befriend. 


Throughout the year, you will learn and be encouraged by the saints, follow feasts and fasts, tune into the Liturgy of the Hours, and offer up a penance on Fridays in commemoration of Jesus' sacrifice for you. 


Most importantly, you'll grow closer to the Lord. 


Practical and easy to use, you'll find opportunities to connect to your faith in meaningful and extraordinary ways, including ideas for finding time to pray, making seasonal snacks for the whole family, observing a meaningful Lent, celebrating the full Octave of Christmas, and so much more! 


Discover how you can grow closer to the Lord as you connect with him through the Church, her rhythms, and the many celebrations and observances she offers us.


Author: Karen Edmisten

Publisher: the WORD among us Press

Pages: 320

Publication Date: 2021

ISBN : 9781593256029

No. 2082201071

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