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The Illustrated Bible Story by Story

The Illustrated Bible Story by Story



This book explores both the Old and New Testaments in depth. It retells the stories from the bible and includes biblical quotations, references, portraits, artwork, maps and more to help bring the bible story to life. 

Follow the story that has been consumed by readers for centuries and understand the true meaning behind the well-known stories: track events and key figures such as Adam and Eve, Moses and John the Baptist.


In this edition, you will discover:

-Explanations of the most important bible stories from Genesis to Revelation - setting each one in their historical, cultural, and religious context

-Lavish illustrations with over 2,000 paintings, maps, and artefacts

-Timelines detailing key events combined with biblical quotations and references


Author: Part of DK Bibles and Bible Guides

Publisher: DK

Pages: 512

Publication date: 2024

ISBN: 9780744097306

No. 2042440307

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