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The Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem



The Christmas story traditionally shows a giant star hovering above the stable in Bethlehem, guiding the wise men to the infant Christ. What was this star and how did it lead the Magi? An astrophysicist turned priest offers a fascinating explanation.


The traditional imagery of the Christmas story paints a vivid scene: a bright star suspended above the Bethlehem stable, like a pinpoint on a vast map, orchestrating the path of the wise men as they journey to honour the newborn Christ. This star has been a source of fascination to many, evoking questions about its true nature. Was it simply a bright light in the sky? A planet or comet? How did it effectively guide the Magi to a humble village in Judea?


Author: Fr Douglas McGonagle

Publisher: Catholic Truth Society (UK)

Pages: 96

Publication Date: 2023

ISBN: 9781784697648

No. 2662800004

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