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The Unfair Advantage

The Unfair Advantage



"Life's not fair!" You've heard it a million times--and probably said it yourself. But what if your greatest difficulties were steppingstones to a greater destiny? What if seasons of unbearable pain turned out to be pathways to unbelievable purpose?


In The Unfair Advantage, pastor Aaron Burke takes a closer look at the seven unfair seasons Joseph endures in the book of Genesis and reveals how Joseph's struggles are not unlike the battles readers face today.


Combining biblical truths with Pastor Aaron's insights from his years of walking with people through their biggest challenges, this book offers a message of hope and renewed strength for anyone who has battled seasons of feeling discouraged, rejected, undervalued, tempted, unfairly punished, deprived, or forgotten. The surprising reality revealed by the story of Joseph is that unfair moments and seasons of difficulty--if handled wisely--can actually be used by God for our advantage.


Readers will be comforted and inspired as they encounter in a new way the dramatic story of Joseph's trials and ultimate triumph. Along the way, they'll learn how to

- transform adversity into advantage,

- endure even the most challenging moments through courage and hope rooted in faith,

- become aware of God's presence, peace, and promise in the midst of hardship.

In The Unfair Advantage, readers who are walking through a season that seems unfair will be reminded of God's ultimate gift of favor. While their situation may seem hopeless now, they can trust that God is forging something beautiful out of the brokenness, putting purpose to their pain, righting every wrong, and building a destiny better than their greatest dreams.


Author: Aaron Burke

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pages: 240

Publication date: 2023

ISBN: 9781400243242

No. 2662750005

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